This page will contain chapters as they are written on a comprehensive book on the Jaguar XKE from the first 6 cylinder to the V12's. As I have been working on the cars since the early 70's, there is a lot of information that will be helpful to anyone that wants to own one and work on it. Please read any articles listed and let me know what you think positive or negative. This will help me expand on certain points as needed or clarify. All articles are the property of Richard Maury and are not for reproduction in any form without the permission of the author. The articles are for information purposes only and the author assumes no responsibility as to their useage. Thanks, Dick

1. Cheney Clamps

2. Vacuum Advance vs Vacuum Retard

3. Fuel Filters

4. Thermostats

5. Camshafts

6. 6 Cylinder Head Studs

7. Stromberg Carburetor Base O-Rings

8. V12 XKE Fuel Injection Conversion Guide

9. Rebuilding the XKE Manual Steering Rack

10. Front Crankshaft Seal

11. Knock Off Knock Offs

12. XK Cylinder Head Installation Procedure

13. 6 Cylinder Tie Rod Ends

14. Steering U-Joint Replacement

15. Trunk Lid Spring Replacement

16. V12 E-Type transmission removal in car