Steering Rack Installation Intructions


Removal of Rack:
1. Check condition of Fluid. Cloudiness indicates moisture and therefore, the system needs to be flushed.
2. Remove and save the tie rod ends, the locking nuts and any other loose parts needed for installation of the new rack.

Installation of New Rack:
1. Install tie rod ends and lock nuts onto the new rack but don't tighten yet.
2. Connect head of the rack to the stering shaft and tighten nut and bolt. If a V12 XJ car, connect the two hoses at this time.
3. The following is for the XJ cars. If an E-Type, skip to step 5. Install thrust washers on both sides of the lower two rack mounts and raise the rack into position. This only applies to the Adwest racks in the XJ cars if using the OEM style mounts. If a V12, install the heat shield brackets. Install the three bolts through the subframe and mounts and tighten the upper one only. Remove each lower bolt one at a time and install 5/16" large fender washers on the outside of the thrust washers to take up any free play and tighten bolt. Repeat for other side. There should have been a few washers on the car when the rack was removed. If more are needed, they are available from most local hardware stores. The hoses should be connected at this time if not already done.
4. If a HE V12, install the heat shield and bracket as was on the original rack. Do not adjust the center nut. If a Pre-HE V12, install the drivers side heat shield.
5. Remove lower grease fitting or small bolt as applicable on the rack adjusting nut (adwest racks only). Insert the factory tool or a small punch and turn the rack until the hole in the shaft lines up as this is the center of the rack. Bolt tie rods to suspension and tighten bolts. Set wheels to the proper toe setting without turning rack. This assures equal turning in both directions. Tighten both tie rod end adjusting nuts.
6. To center the Steering wheel, remove the bolts that connects the steering column to the steering shaft u-joint inside the car. Slide the u-joint off of the steering column and turn the steering wheel as necessary to center it. Slide the u-joint back over the shaft, install and tighten the nut and bolt. This way insures that the turn signals cancel as before.
7. Early XJ40 cars can easily be aligned by removing the Steering wheel and simply turning it to center as the turn signal canceller is built into it. The later Air bag equiped cars have the rack and column indexed and the steering racks are indexed to match. On the later cars, make sure you replace with the same rack part number so your wheel will be centered properly. On the non air bag cars, the racks are not indexed. The suspension system is married up to the car with the steering column already in place. The suspension is already aligned and centered as is the wheel so just a matter of sliding onto the lower steering column shaft which has a 360 degree groove to accept the pinch bolt in any position.