Brightening up the Ferrari 360 Clock

As most know, the clock is somewhat dim to the point of being rather useless. I tend to like things to work so decided to see what could be done. Below is a
picture of the clock. This is in the garage with the top down. The after picture is under the same conditions. No flash or retouching of the photo was done.

The stock bulb is a 1.2 watt #74 type bulb. It does not aim directly at the clock but reflects onto the clock. This is part of the problem. I tried putting a 2 watt
bulb in. It helped but I was concerned about the heat. Upon searching, I came across some LED lights that looked like they would fit. I ordered a half dozen
to try to see which worked correctly. The one below in the center has 3 LED output lights and a total of 1 watt. No heat problems and as they fire forward, it
tends to work with the reflection system in the clock. The stock mount is on the right.

To remove the clock, prize off the dome light, behind it are two 4mm allen screws. Remove these and the whole assembly drops down and
is easily uncliped to take to the bench.

Once on the bench, there are two phillip screws that just need to be loosened in order to remove the clock.

Once loosend and removed, the clock can be disconnected from the harness by lifting the clip that holds the plug in place.

In the picture above, the light is in the hole. Simply twist counter clockwise 90 degrees and pull out. then remove old bulb and insert new
one. Try it hooked up before you totally install to make sure it works. LED bulbs are polarity sensitive and as such you might have to take it
back out, turn 180 degrees and reinstall. Here is what it looks like with the new bulb. Same lighting and conditions as the first picture above.

This is visible with the top down in the sunshine with my sunglasses on. An added bonus is that the LED bulbs are rated at some
ridiculous life span of 50,000 hours. Should never have to do this again.