Jaguars in Miniature

I have been collecting Jaguars since I was a kid. There are a lot of them I wish I was smart enough to keep but didn't. . The links below take you to pictures of the collection. It would be overwhelming to try to put them all together so I have broken them down into groups or categories. This is not a listing for sale but I just want to share the collection. If you see any that are listed in error, please let me know as I do have a good many that fall under the "unknown" label. If you have a Jaguar that I don't have, I would be very interested in adding it to my collection so please contact me. I don't collect color variations although you might see a few with different colors. All of the Jaguars need to be a different model in some way besides a different color. As the collection is over 700 at this time, color variations could easily triple the size. Hope you enjoy and check back as I will be adding more categories as I have time. Something new has already come up. If there is a car on this site that is not part of my collection, there will be a mention of who owns the model.

Jaguar Slot Cars

Jaguar XKE
    OTS & Hard Top Versions
    FHC & 2+2 Versions

Jaguar XK8/R

Jaguar XJ13