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Shipping is a flat rate of $4.00 in the USA and $8.00 anywhere else in the world. This helps to keep it simple.

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Felt Seal
This is an exact specification felt seal that goes over the gravel shield in front of the radiator on the 6 cylinder cars. It is self adhesive and comes with instructions for installation.

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Wiper Gaskets
These are the gaskets that go under the wiper bezels on the XKE. The 6 cylinder roadsters and coupes use 3 and the 2+2 and V12 models use 2. These have a lip around the edge for better location and sealing. Price is per gasket, not set.

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This is a Cd of over 450 pictures of the restoration of my XKE that I did myself mostly at home. At this time it is just pictures but a lot of people have found it to be very helpful on their XKE projects. For a sampling of pictures, click HERE

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Ignition Boots
This is for a set of 8 ignition boots that go over the screw on terminals on the Series 1 XKE and other early models. The 3.8 uses 7 and the 4.2 uses 8 so you might have an extra one if you have an early car. These are the closest in shape to the original ones I have been able to source.

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Battery Wing Nuts
These are the wing nuts that hold the battery top bracket in place. Genuine NOS Jaguar. Price is per wing nut, not pair.

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Battery Washers
These are the washers that go under the wing nuts that hold the battery in place. Genuine NOS Jaguar. Price is per washer, not pair.

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Stromberg carb O-Rings
These are the o-rings that go in the base of the Zenith Stromberg carburetors. They are the correct material and size. Sometimes hard to find but easy to change.Price is Per "O" ring, not set.

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Brass Nut Set
$.75 each
These are the correct 5/16x24 brass nuts for the XK exhaust manifolds. They are .267" tall. The more common ones out there are .375" tall and sharp shouldered. Price is per nut. There are 16 per car.

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Thin Wall Vacuum Hose
This a thin wall Vacuum suitable for the V12 XKE air filter housing system. The Hose in the picture on the right is standard hosePrice is per foot. It takes about 5 feet per car.

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John Steen CD
This CD is a compilation of Memoirs about his life involving Jaguar. There are over 850 pages of pictures, letters, and other items that will be of interest to the Jaguar enthusiast. Click HERE for sample pages.