The XKE has had a lot of traveling this year with the 50th anniversary of the XKE held at the Hilton Head Concours. Each year Hilton Head makes a unique trophy for all of the Second Place winners. The first place ones are always a Crystal Lighthouse. The chose to have a heavy crystal block with a 3D image of a XKE roadster and they used my car for the model. Hilton Head is a invitational type of show and this was the XKE's third time attending. The classes vary each year and have 12-14 cars in each. First and Second only are awarded. The first year, it was European Sports cars and the car won a First place. Next time, it was British Sports cars and it won a Second. In November, they got an early start on the XKE's and had a XKE class. The car placed Second after the #10 LHD roadster. Initially tied, it was decided as it was a 1961 and it was the 50th, it would be the winner. It was also freshly restored and showed very nicely.

For 2011, Jaguar asked to use the car for their promotions and wanted to incorporate the XKE for the 50th. The first show was at the Amelia Island concours.

This was Jaguars display with my car on the left. The center one is Bob Tullis's Group 44 car. The one on the right is Mike Mueller's #8 coupe.

The picure above happened because it turned out that the Group 44 car would not run so I drove the car up for the presentation for Jaguar. Dan Algarin is in the passenger seat. Here is a nice video that was made by one of the TV stations about Jaguars involvement: VIDEO

The next event was the New York Auto Show. There are numerous links and videos on this event. The are below:

This link is an aricle in the New York Times with my car at the lead of the parade (picture above): ARTICLE

This link is a video of the parade of XKEs and new models for the press before the party in New York: VIDEO

Next stop was The Simeone Museum display with Brian Redman talking to Dr. Simeone. That is the Red car on the Podium: ARTICLE

Picture below is L-R, Dick Maury, Brian Redmon, and Dr. Simeone

From there the car went to Greenwich for their concours or at least to be displayed in the Jaguar tent as seen below. Photo by David Oshana.

Pebble Beach was next. I had never been to Pebble and Jaguar treated me like Royalty. The car was displayed with the new cars and got almost more attention than the newer ones. This picture was taken Thursday night long before the crowds were there. It was on display all weekend.

Picture below shows what happened when I opened up the Bonnet. There seemed to be a crowd around the car the whole time I was there. For what

it is worth, this picture was taken with my phone. Amazing technology.

After Pebble Beach was Lime Rock Raceway. Another Jaguar display and I did not attend. Photo by Mike Cook

The car is shown here in the Jaguar Headquarters Atrium on display until it heads for the final show of the circuit at the Petite Le Mans at Road Atlanta. Kind of convenient as I will just drive it home from there. Here it is at Jaguar Headquarters. Photos by Tim Philippo

Picked up the XKE at Road Atlanta from Jaguar on October 1 and drove it home. Nice to have it back from it's travels. 65 mile drive from Road Atlanta on a nice afternoon in the 70's. The Jaguar Dealer that had brought some cars up to display said that they had trouble getting the people to look at the new cars as everyone wanted to look at the XKE. The car had been displayed with the top up, bonnet closed and locked up. When I opened it up, it was like a feeding frenzy for a couple of hours until I drove it out.