Sample Pictures from CD

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The Pictures below are just a sampling of the over 450 pictures taken during the restoration of my XKE. As I did the restoration at home, the photos should be helpful to someone doing a full or partial restoration on an XKE. The early pictures were taken with a film camera, then a progression of 3 different Digital cameras. The later pictures are much better. The early ones were scanned off of prints and are not as crisp. The pictures on the CD are named so that they will show up in order on the computer following the progress of the restoration. If you get the CD and need any more detail pictures of the final car or some of the steps involved, just let me know and if possible, I will send them to you. Satisfaction Guaranteed, just return it if not happy for a refund.

Bonnet Underside

Door Before Panel

Engine Detailed

Engine Going Together

Finished Car


Freshly Sprayed

Front Suspension

Just Painted

Just Starting

The pictures above have been sized down from the ones on the CD so as to load faster and appear on the page you are viewing.
I recommend a program called Irfanview which is a free download and can be found on any of the search engines.
Just select to "Fit to Page" under the set up and all of the pictures will fit the screen from the CD.